Saturday, 14 September 2013

Odet, Cascadec & Bollore

In the last decade we all clearly noticed the growing restrictions on tobacco advertising even if you're not a smoker or in the industry itself, cowboys in the wild and sailors in open sea all MIA today! However, restrictions offer a challenge for art directors and copywriters to really strive in getting the message out without over stepping any boundaries, which i personally experienced working with a Saudi market. 

Let's take a look at this campaign for OCB Virgin Paper:
When i first saw these ads, i had no idea what they were about (stationary paper?) but they made me feel good like i was on holiday! I love the free spirited personality put together with great copy and lifestyle images. Oh did i mention these are ads for cigarette paper?  Regardless, i loved these posters, i googled them right away and browsed their website for a while, great graphics, a lot about it's history, founders (Odet, Cascadec & Bollore) etc... Long story short you leave their page with the idea that it's more than JUST cigarette paper. (click here to see it)

Agency: Road, Barcelona, Spain
CD: Maider Mendaza, Juan Pablo Caja
AD: Maider Mendaza
CW: Lidia Valls
Photography by Eskenaziencursiva

Anna Likes these ads, but does not encourage smoking :)

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