Thursday, 31 March 2011

Anna recommends...

"3 Act Circus", an experimental collaborative art project, is finally complete and will be launched this evening at the jamjar gallery in Al Quoz, Dubai, definitely drop by if you can. It brings together two award winning photographers, an award winning visual artist and a singer/songwriter/animator/stage designer, all based in Dubai. Together the 4 ArtStars have produced a striking and inspired avant-garde video piece, to launch the release of Noush like Sploosh's first track "3 Act Circus."

Having worked diligently for just 7 days and nights in a garage, with no financial support, the product of the collaboration is impressive. Using their own equipment, and skills, these artists have produced an original work of high quality, giving the audience an insight on the underground artistic talents in Dubai and what happens when these artists come together. They intend to showcase their work internationally and submit for festivals and awards.

You will also see Mansoor Bhatti's work, "Crying Mascara", as part of this event, Fathima Mohiuddin, and Sherif Mokbel.


  1. This looks amazing!

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