Saturday, 19 February 2011


Watch out for some interesting activation by PUMA in Dubai - SOLE DXB! It's a platform through which sneaker enthusiasts all over the UAE can communicate, sharing options and inspirations and setting new trends in the region. Initiated by two PUMA Creative Factory ambassadors - Hussain Moloobhoy and Kris Balerite, and designer Joshua Cox, SOLE DXB will be an event that explores elements that both influence and are influenced by sneaker culture, including music, skateboarding and photography. 

Taking place on February 24th, 2011 at the Jam Jar, SOLE DXB will feature the Middle East’s debut screening of the documentary ‘Mystery of Flying Kicks’, as well as live music performances, photography exhibition and sneaker collection showcases – all powered by PUMA.

Hussain and Kris of SOLE DXB are also ambassadors for the PUMA Creative Factory, which launched here in December. It's an iPad application that allows consumers to custom-create their own shoes and build their very own sneaker from an assortment of materials and fabric to make a one-of-a-kind pair, with only two being the same. Yours.

PUMA iPads will be available at the event for people to design, create and order their ultimate sneaker on the spot.
The SOLE DXB event will play a host to first PUMA Social Club, part of the PUMA Social lifestyle campaign, in the Middle East where the After Hours Athletes of Dubai will get a taste of their favorite sporting activities. PUMA aims to to create a space where friendly competition is fostered, and victory is not achieved in the form of a trophy, but sometimes a girl's phone number!

PUMA Social ad campaign in the USA

PUMA has also introduced the PUMA Life Scoreboard, an online mobile application designed to keep running tally on literally anything and everything! After all, life is more fun when you're keeping score ;)

“PUMA pioneered the idea of SportLifestyle and built our brand on having fun,” says Abdelhamid Oraibi, Marketing Manager of PUMA Middle East. “PUMA Social is the new sportlifestyle movement for now and the future. We want to celebrate the after-hours athlete who knows growing up doesn’t always mean acting like a grown-up.”

Entrance to the event at the Jam Jar is only by invitation. For all you sneaker heads attending, this is an opportunity to experience PUMA Social and PUMA Creative Factory at the region's first SOLE DXB event on the 24th of February at the Jam Jar! AnnaLikes will cover the event and post a follow up :)

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