Sunday, 20 February 2011

Draw me a song

Meet little miss pixel Nour Tohme, a childhood friend from elementary school. I remember being in awe of Nour's princess drawings back in the second grade, she always doodled little mermaids and fairies on the corner of her notebooks and exam papers. Today, Nour is an  illustrator/graphic designer living in Paris, and she's onto something BIG. Take a look at her work and decide for yourself. She's working on a project called Draw Me a Song™, it's a conceptual brand and (coming soon) website that sells illustrated posters of song lyrics. Every poster represents a famous song of which Nour illustrates using their lyrics. She mixes between digital illustration and stylized lettering. It's basically a celebration of music of all genres, and her main goal is to create a fusion between 2 art forms: music, and the visual arts. 

Draw Me a Song™ is now one of the finalists for the Deutsche Bank Creative Awards. Make sure you VOTE for Draw Me a Song™ by the 23rd of February to win the Public's Choice Award, worth 10,000 Euros to fund this awesome project.

You can follow Draw Me a Song on Twitter, and join the Facebook Page.


  1. This is amazing. I love these. Would it be ok for me to post them on my blog, but sending a link to yours?

    Kh Nanna

  2. Ofcourse i don't mind at all! will pass on the compliment to the artist Nour Tohme.. glad you enjoyed the post!