Saturday, 12 February 2011

Fashionable H2Os

Fashion brands getting together with water bottles are not anything new. We've seen the Coca Cola and Lagerfeld edition and the famous Evian annual design edition. You've probably realised by now in restaurants your San Pelligrino is a little more fashionable than usual. The Italian brand Pelligrino has collaborated with fashion house Missoni. The limited edition has a new patterned label a la Missoni! It also comes packaged in a stylish sleeve with the the same pattern and a wrapped with a thin rope with stars on each end (i love stars!). I'm not the biggest fan of Missoni prints, I don't think it's something anyone can wear. It really depends on how you accessorize or not while wearing one. But using it as a purely graphic element on a bottle like the San Pelligrino, I say it works!

Issey Miyake and Evian 2010

Dita Von Teese and Perrier

Karl Lagereld and Coca Cola Light 2010

Print ad for Coca Cola Light and Lagerfeld 2010
Lagerfeld will be designing another Coca Cola Light limited edition bottle this year, to be released some time in March, will keep you posted!

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