Friday, 11 February 2011

Anna recommends...

We're doing things a little different on our monthly book covers. I've got so many books i'd like to share with you... let's not just look at the cover only, but let's take a look at content. In light of the situation i recommend you check out the books "Graphic Agitation" and "Graphic Agitation 2". I shared this thought with you on twitter a few days ago, considering the political situation in the region. Makes me wonder what reactions we we'll be seeing graphically from designers in the region or abroad soon.

The first book includes a little over 600 striking images that reflect the protest, propaganda and subversion of graphic art. The work is basically a reaction to different events which cover war, peace, ecology, health and sexual politics from the 1960's to the present day.

The second volume is a follow up, exploring graphic protest in the digital era from the early 1990's onwards. This one covers more themes such as globalization, branding, armed conflicts, anti-racism and human rights.


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