Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Brrrr'illiant Photographs by Gray Malin

A beautiful series of photographs created by Gray Malin titled Antartica:The White Continent, aims to raise awareness about climate change and its consequences. By juxtaposing the brilliant white snow, and crystal blue waters with warm weather objects, Malin reminds us that they are not meant to be seen together. Malin traveled 8,092 miles to capture these beautiful images, in hopes that viewers recognize the adverse effects that we're having on our planet,  and if we don't, then these strange scenes will become a reality.

Let's move away a little from the concept and talk about the composition, i can't help but love the addition of something so colorful to something so calm and serene, reminds me of the morning after a party and the left over confetti on the floor. What do you think? 

The series of photographs are available for purchase on Malin's website. Proceeds will go to the Climate Reality Project

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