Saturday, 26 May 2012

annnndddddd... BACK!

Wow feels great to be back! Thanks to all those who emailed kind wishes, and thank you so so much for browsing the AnnaLikes archive during my absence. So here's why i've  been m.i.a ... :)

Photographs were taken by BellesofBeirut Blogger (and my cousin) Raquel, who also created a super cute hair piece for me to wear for the occasion. Check out her blog for more stunning DIY projects!

2 weeks later our little family grew a little more... Bella our beagle gave birth to 3 adorable puppies! Check out the mini photoshoot we did :)



They're too cute, they take up most of my time! 
But it's time to gather up some updates from the art world and compensate 2 months worth of posts!


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  1. The photoshoop of the puppies is adorable!