Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Beating Heart in a city

Wow time flies, and i can't believe Valentines Day is in just one week! 2012 sloooww dowwnnn! Apologies for not posting anything in a while, things have been quite hectic... But here's something to pace things a little more... a giant beating heart in the middle of Time Square. The Big <3 NYC created by Danish architecture firm BIG, with Flatcut and Local Projects "out of the very materials that constitute Times Square: movement, lights, the masses." The entire thing is illuminated by LED lights that shine up from the base. The light goes through the translucent areas only, creating a heart shaped glow. And here's how it works:

"The elasticity of the tubes makes them wiggle in the wind causing the hear to pulsate along with the life of the city. More people = More Love. As more people gather in the square their footsteps are collected as energy and converted into light. The huddled crowd makes the heart burn brighter." 

HOW COOl! I couldn't find a video of this... If you have one, please post it in the comments :)

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