Saturday, 31 December 2011

Anna recommends...

Fashion photographer Kristian Schuller recently release a 219-page ebook including a making-of video on iTunes. Unfortunately it's not available on the UAE iTunes store yet, but the book is available on Amazon UK. The book features the vibrant and dreamy photography of several fashion editorials, absolutely beautiful as individual shots and as a series. Here are a few of my favorite photographs below. Schuller studied fashion design with Vivienne Westwood and photography with FC Gundlach at the University of Fine Arts Berlin. 


  1. LOVE THIS!!!

    I so should have done this! Is it too late to do that now??? My hubby & I had a good/shizzy year!!!

  2. HAhaha Happyy New Year ayshaa!!! see you soon i hope? hope u had a great holiday xxx

  3. The photos captured my breath! It's beautifully shot!