Saturday, 17 December 2011

Anna recommends... Christmas inspiration

Ahh... it's that time of the year :) I want to take the opportunity to introduce to you my cousin's blog
"Belles of Beirut" and it couldn't have been at a better time! Raquel has always had a passion for handmade crafts, and i'm very excited to show you what she has put together for Christmas decorations. So don't panic if your local store is out of ornaments, believe me once you see how simple these are you'll be making them yourself every year! There's less than a week to go and with  Belle's of Beirut's easy steps, you'll be ready in no time... And just think of how nice it would be to gift these items to your family and friends, there's always this added value when you make something for someone yourself. 
White Christmas ornaments tutorial
Here's a few things i thought would complete the Christmas at home..

by Martha Stewart
By Martha Stewart
A very original and personal way of creating a wreath, all you need is a few photographs and sticky tape! 
Or you can move away from conventional wreath and create something really different 

Twine Snowmen by David Stark.

You can create something very similar by following the step by step tutorial on  Belles of Beirut using a similar technique to create simple center pieces.

If you're not comfortable using twine and yarn, you can always resort to (my favorite) PAPER!

A little complicated? Don't worry about it, Belles of Beirut shows you how these tree figurines in just a few steps!

No Christmas tree at your local store? (That actually happens over here :S )
Here are a few alternative trees i thought can really add a Christmas feel to your home!

Collect long twigs, and simply hang christmas greeting cards, this can also be very nice way of saving all the cards you receive. OR......

Get a BONSAI! Spray a little fake snow, and a few red ornaments and it's done!

Merry Christmas :)

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