Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Mise en Dior

I've always loved Dior as a brand and what it stands for, such class and elegance! With much anticipation, the new pinball-inspired film on the iconic Pearl Necklace has finally been released. Christian Dior's "Mise en Dior" costume jewelry necklace is playfully re-imagined as a virtual pinball game, with the creative direction of Camille Miceli along side her brother Patrizio. Miceli aimed to "show, in a light and fun way, the richness and savoir faire of Dior." The film depicts the journey the Pearl, with its point of view, swirling around to the rhythm of an original electro-remix of Mozart, tradition meets contemporary. Each score of points is marked by a Dior icon, the Bar jacket, Lady Dior, J'Adore fragrances, the Avenue Montaigne office and the star. With each every icon hit, the pearl moves a step closer in the creation of the marvelous piece.

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