Tuesday, 4 October 2011


I never thought i'd ever post a twitter trending topic on AnnaLikes! But this one is good! And it's been taking over our timelines for days. The #baselmeetsmetallica campaign had a reach well over 100,000 people with contributions from people from all over the country in just 2 days. This resulted in #BaselMeetsMetallica bumping up to third highest trending topic in the UAE, nation wide! 

It all started when 9 months-old Basel Anabtawi (above) uttered his first word "JAMES" everyone in his family knew instantly, Basel was born with a mission to one day meet in person the greatest band of all times... The ONE and only Metallica. He's travelled to europe a few times to see them, stood front row infront of 80,000 crazy German fans (in the pouring rain) to get a glance at the beasts .. but never met them!

So now the time has come to make Basel's dream come true. Metallica will be playing in Abudabi on the 25th of October. There's just a few weeks left to make this online buzz happen for real, let's see how far this digital initiation can take us. As crazy as this sounds, AnnaLikes is 100% on board supporting this! Do my good friend a favor tweet #baselmeetsmetallica on twitter and like his Facebook Page!

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