Monday, 17 October 2011

Anna recommends... Halloween Inspiration

Halloween is right around the corner and I get really excited when kids come by for trick or treat! I never really go all out on decorating because i never had the time to do it, but thankfully this time i do. I've put together some inspiration most of which is going on my to-do-list. You'll find these helpful wether you're having your kids birthday party, a get together at home, or just scaring the neighbors' kids. I've listed all the links where you can find instructions and free templates for most of these ideas.

What's Halloween without some pumpkins? I know carving a pumpkin can be a nightmare, so opt for something simple like these cool fanged pumpkins by Martha Stewart. You can find these plastic fangs at the Party Center in Garhoud, Dubai. Or don't carve the pumpkin at all, and wrap it up in pretty lace for a classier look.

Make your home a haunted house for the night.

 If you have a garden, or a backyard, the dancing ghosts can look really cool and add some spook to your overall decoration, all you need are some poles and white fabric. You can also add on another great idea for the eve by having creepy creature silhouettes on your windows, and you don't really need templates for these, i suggest you have fun creating your own monsters and simply cutting them into the size you need.

If you're throwing a house party, here's a smart way to decorate and at the same time, keep the furniture clean! Just throw some white sheets on everything you have, to give it a deserted house look.

Add on the ghosts coming from below the ground and you're set! Get some tissue wedding bells in different sizes, paste some eyes and open mouths, and throw on a sheer fabric. Simple and easy!

And now for the things that need a little more work! Food and Beverages!

 Owl cupcakes, split some Oreo cookies in half, a few mnm's and serve!

Re-label you're bottles, get creative with the names! It'll require a little design work, but your guests will definitely appreciate these.

Choose a corner in your house, maybe next to the bar, where you can set up the colorful treats in bowls of varying shapes and sizes. With a few labels here and there, some black sheer fabric, your Halloween theme decoration is done. Hostess with the Mostess has several templates to help you create the below setups.

(image source and instructions on: Hostess with the Mostess / Martha Stewart / Nicole Hill/ Jeffery Rudell)

Happy Halloween :)


  1. I absolutely love your Halloween ideas!! Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. How fab is that lace Halloween a whole new twist.