Thursday, 29 September 2011

Anna recommends...

I was looking through a folder on my desktop this morning that has photographs i've collected for inspiration at work, and i came across Melvin Sokolsky's fashion editorials which are absolutely stunning. I can't believe i've never posted them on AnnaLikes before. My favorite ones are "Fly" and "Bubble" both editorials for Harper's Bazaar in the 1960's. Sokolsky was only 21 when he created the "Bubble" series, some would say that the bubbles symbolized how untouchable these women were from the rest of society, or how isolated they felt. 

The "Fly" series is more on the fun side where you see elegant women leaping in the air almost as if they're breaking free, unlike "Bubble" where they are contained. I appreciate these so much more, knowing that they were created at a time, when levitating in photographs was out of the ordinary and technically difficult, where today it has become redundant.

This is very likely to be the most elegant post on AnnaLikes!

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  1. How creative! When I saw this post I was amazed at the artists ability to use real people in such an artistic way. Great find!