Saturday, 28 May 2011

Inspiration Dior

So here's what you should NOT miss this summer if you happen to be in Moscow! Dior and the Pushkin Museum present "Inspiration Dior" exhibition running from April 28th to July 24th.

On the 12th of February, 1947: Christian Dior presents his first collection at Avenue Montaigne. The revolution is underway and the new look is born. With it, the House of Dior enters the world of legend. Unknown until that moment, the genius designer who revered the French way of life entered a triumphant decade, providing women with regal bearing and a sublime look. Skirts were longer, shoulders were softened and waists were cinched. The Dior women blossomed in the post-war era.

The visitors' journey through the exhibit takes them through the Dior artistic creative sources of fashion and its links to history, nature, painting, photography and film. It reveals how a simple idea, an era or even a smell can influence unique creations. The Pushkin Museum showcases Dior's luxurious pieces against unique works of art, by Picasso, Modigliani, Renoir, Cezanne and Gaugin, among others. Visitors are also transported around the world with Dior via Goya's Spain, Matisse's heady Orient and of course Russia and Asia.

As Mr. Dior said: "Finally everything that has been part of my life - whether i wanted it to or not - has expressed itself in my dresses."

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  1. I love Dior. The sewing and the other-worldliness is really amazing. Have you seen the couture show?