Thursday, 14 April 2011

Birds, Bodies and Brains

Excuse the eeriness of these and appreciate the detailed craftsmanship on these porcelain pieces by artist Kate McDowell. She explores the interaction between humanity and nature. I've always been fascinated with what can be created out of plaster, clay and porcelain, anything that can be molded really. The result is amazing, even if it's a silly square shape! I love its texture, and many times i find it so inviting to paint on. 

See more of her work here.


  1. Creepy and beautiful!
    If you look for illustrations take a look to my blog,
    Bye :-)

  2. beautiful & horrifying
    serene & upsetting
    simple & thought provoking

    I like em! Amazing and inspiring work.

  3. These are AMAZING! I love them! Thank you so much for sharing these..I wouldn't have known about them...thanks!